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Cracking the code: content marketing for small business – Part 1

As it turns out, “content” is much more than just a Millennial marketer’s buzzword. In fact, it’s arguably the best long-term marketing strategy around. Content marketing is an increasingly popular tactic for small and large businesses alike.

Human connection: your secret to sales success

Humans are hardwired to connect. We want to feel like we belong. We want to feel like we’re understood, valued and appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you’re “hard as nails” or the eternally straight-faced big boss, we know that deep down, you crave all the warm fuzzies too.

Meet tawk.to in Australia?

After the success of the tawk.to meetup in San Jose early this year along with meetups in Asia-Pacific, Paris and across the US last year, we're continuing our in-person meetups throughout 2019. The next stop on our world tour will be Melbourne, Australia during the month of June.

How to sound like a human in Live Chat

So, you’ve decided you want live chat on your website but now you’re wondering, “How can my team create meaningful connections online when we’re competing with a bunch of scarily clever internet robots?”