Nishit Kotak, Co-Founder, eBusiness Marketing

Moving forward with lead generation: Nishit Kotak, Co-Founder of eBusiness Marketing

“Clients really don’t care what methodology we use to generate the results. All they want at the end of the month is to know, ‘Are they seeing a return on their investments? Am I moving things forward for them?’ And so to show the client this, we have installed tawk.to on the website.”

 — Nishit Kotak, Co-Founder, eBusiness Marketing

When Nishit Kotak launched his digital marketing agency, he faced a challenge shared by businesses of every size: how to engage visitors and convert them into leads before they leave the website. We spoke with the eBusiness Marketing Co-Founder to hear how tawk.to’s live chat and customer support tools have changed lead generation for his business and those of his clients.

1 – First of all, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

eBusiness Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency. We do everything from web design, Google My Business management, and reputation marketing to SEO, social media, video marketing, digital business cards, and much, much more.

2 – How do you use tawk.to at eBusiness Marketing?

When we started working, we were a small business and it was difficult to do lead generation. When people visited the website, they wouldn’t necessarily convert. It took us a little time to figure out that if we had live chat, then we [could] engage with those visitors in real-time and then hopefully nudge them into a conversion. And so that’s how we started using tawk.to on our own website. Then, once we started getting the experience of how to use it properly, we obviously quickly rolled it out to clients as well.

3 – Why did you choose to use and partner with tawk.to?

 Compared to other providers on the market, we found it’s very easy to set up. It’s also very versatile if you go into a multiple number of platforms that we can work on. We use it in many, many places, not only the websites, but on landing pages, on lead generation pages, and on digital business cards. We have tawk.to in a variety of places. 

Then, we started exploring the platform a little further and we discovered webhooks and how we can use webhooks to capture the data of every single chat that comes in. It goes straight to a Google sheet. End of the month, we can track who came in when. And then we can do a follow-up with the staff at the other end to make sure they did their job at following up the leads because we can’t let a single lead go unfollowed, as they say. 

For people who are very busy and don’t have the staff, they can have a specialized team from tawk.to to handle the chats on their behalf. We’ve looked at customizing the color so it meets the look and feel of a client’s website, the chat headers, the way it looks on the mobile, and the way you can, for example, for the clients, [activate] a pre-chat form. So we capture the name, email, phone number, and the query even before the chat happens — in case they miss a chat.

4 – How do you promote tawk.to?

It’s very easy to do. We explain to the client, “Look, you are engaging us to do your SEO (or social media or whatever it is that you’re doing). The end game is for you to generate more new business.” One of the ways is by phone calls, another is by walk-ins, [and] another could be form fill-ups on the website. Another could be a purchase on the website. There are many forms of conversion. However, one that they have overlooked for sure is live chat.

5 – What benefits do you see from sharing tawk.to?

What I realized after ten years of doing online marketing is that clients really don’t care what methodology we use to generate the results. All they want at the end of the month is to know, ‘Are they seeing a return on their investments? Am I moving things forward for them?’ So to show the client this, we have installed tawk.to on the website. 

I’ll give you some figures for some clients and the results they’ve got. A private GP clinic has had tawk.to installed since June 2019, at least. I tracked the figures. They’ve had 5950 chats since then. So it’s three years. It’s a really absolutely mind-blowing figure. I saw this past year alone they’ve had almost 2000 chats. And there was one particular day they actually had me turn it off for about a week because they hit 117 chats in one day. They just couldn’t cope with it.

6 – What advice can you share with new partners at tawk.to?

When it comes to marketing, we are the professionals. The clients are going to look to us to lead them in the right direction. When you talk about live chat, you may encounter some resistance from clients saying they don’t have the time. They are not inclined to look at this as a serious avenue for generating leads, et cetera. But pitch it to them in the best light possible.

Once they see the leads coming in, they will thank you for it. So hang on in there. Don’t give up when they just say no. Make sure you do test it out. Especially if they say, “I don’t have the time to do it.” You can get the staff from tawk.to to handle the chats.

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