Introducing AI Assist

Create and Automate your customer communications and access the limitless power of AI right inside

Apollo AI Bot

Accurately and instantly answer customer questions based on your data.

Zero setup required!

You won’t have to train it or create new content. Simply turn it on, and the AI Bot starts answering customer questions. It's like magic!

Never miss a chat

With Apollo AI Bot, your chat is online 24x7-365 and ready to answer your customer queries — no matter how complex!

Complete control

Human agents can monitor and take over Bot conversations in real time. You’re in control.

Smart Reply

Respond faster with AI-generated suggestions

Real-time responses

Get real-time response suggestions based on current conversations and your own content. Just click reply and you’re done!

Message easily

Monitor and message easily from any device — without time-consuming typing or research.

Activate/deactivate in one click

Turn Smart Reply on and off in one click and take over at any time — you’re in full control.

AI Commands

Get the power of AI at your fingertips



Fix text

Point expand

Sentence expand


Step by step


Write about

Write with confidence

Eliminate errors and change your tone to be persuasive, engaging, upbeat, and more!

Save time in chats and tickets

Generate answers from scratch so responding’s a snap. Summarize, translate, or create a tutorial.

Generate new content

AI Assist brainstorms, expands topics, and even writes your emails. It's like having conversational superpowers!

Find the answers to all of our most frequently asked questions

Upon the initial release of AI Assist, access will be exclusively provided to individuals who have joined the waiting list. As a waiting list member, you can expect to receive an email invitation to use the add-on within the following weeks.

Please note that we will be limiting the number of invitations during the initial release in order to focus on enhancing the user experience. Gradually, we will extend invitations to more users. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of our progress as we continue to develop AI Assist.
AI Assist employs your data to provide accurate responses to customer inquiries. In the beta version, the AI is compatible with content from your knowledgebase as well as plain text. This allows you to handpick the categories you would like your AI to utilize, ensuring that it only delivers answers based on the information you deem appropriate.
We have carefully considered multiple factors to ensure the AI delivers accurate responses, such as using your own data as a reference to generate well-informed answers tailored to your specific needs.

It is important to recognize that AI technology may not achieve 100% accuracy. However, we are committed to continuously refining and enhancing its performance as we receive valuable feedback from users like you.

Never miss another chat again

With Apollo AI Agent your chat is online 24×7-365 ready to answer your customer queries.

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