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Millions of users, means millions of opportunities to grow your business.

Who will benefit?

Designers / Freelancers

Integrate the world's most popular live chat application free, and fully featured, as part of every design, every time. Then sit back and earn a generous share of revenue from clients who choose to adopt’s additional paid add-ons.

Marketing Agencies

By partnering with Agencies get access to millions of website owners looking to grow their business, and by using with existing clients you will know they have the best tool to engage and convert their website visitors into customers.

Paid Traffic Specialists

We've never met a site owner that doesn't need more traffic. Partnering with, gets you access to millions of businesses that could use your services. And by using on existing campaigns you'll be able to increase conversions for your customers.

Influencers / Experts

As an influencer you want to be suggesting a cost effective solution, that’s easy to install and beneficial to use; 3.2million users cannot be wrong. Partnering makes our relationship official, and along the way you’ll reap great rewards and recognition.

By introducing to your clients, followers, and fellow marketers, you’ll earn revenue, promote your business, and help others succeed.

Don't just take our word for it though..

“If you are looking for a solid/trustworthy company to partner with when referring people to a fantastic live chat tool (that has the ability to also deliver competitive live chat agent options at a good value) then look no further than

We use them for our own projects and refer some of our select clients that need it without any hesitation. On the business side of things their fees are attractive, on-time every month like clockwork, and are recurring. From our experience so far, you can not go wrong giving them a go. "

Greg Alan
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?Whats included in the Program?
We offer marketing, sales and services support for our partners. This includes partner badges, co-marketing resources, sales support (to help you grow your network), partner awards, certification, the opportunity to earn a listing in our Partner Directory and more.
?What's the catch?
No catch. Really. Our goal is to grow together. We are a B2B focused application, so many of our users would benefit from your services. As they do well, you do well, and we do well. Ultimately, your growth = our growth. So the benefits to the Partner program are of no cost to you. You recommend our free application, and be good humans, treat our customers well, and we'll recommend you. Pretty simple really.
?How will I get paid for referrals?
Currently we pay our referral commissions via Paypal, though once your recurring commission grows we could shift to bank wire.
?Who's eligible?
Any designer, agency or business influencer who is willing to join the Partner Program for mutual gain. We partner with freelancers and agencies of all sizes, from start-ups to enterprise organizations.
?Does it cost anything to join the Partner Program?
No, there is no cost at all to join the partner program. However, certain tiers do require that you add the widget to your website and offer 24x7 support - though if you are unable to man the chat 24x7, we can do that for you completely free of charge. Awesome, right?
?How do I get a listing in the Partner Directory?
To obtain a listing on the partner directory, you must fulfill the requirements of a "Trusted Partner" which amongst other things, includes offering 24x7 support, and displaying the partner badge on your site.

Don't worry if you can't be there 24x7 to answer chats though, we'll do it for you, completely free of charge.
?What is expected of me as a Partner?
We are looking to work with Freelancers, Agencies and Business influencers who want to grow their business. If you are committed to growing with, we are excited to start growing together!
?Is there a Partner Dashboard available?
Yes, we offer a Partner Portal to access brand assets and co-marketing resources, view your stats and view your earnings.
?How do I contact Partner Support?
Initiate a chat anywhere on our site 24x7 and ask to speak with a Partner Manager.
?How long does the approval process take?
Turn around on partner applications can take up to a week. It's important that we have an initial discussion and e-meet-and-greet to ensure there is a good fit.

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