Time-saving strategies for creating Knowledge Base content

Business owner usint time-saving strategies to build a Knowledge Base

A searchable Knowledge Base makes it easy for your customers and team members to find their own answers — exactly when they need them. Yet facing an empty Knowledge Base can be daunting. Try these time-saving shortcuts and strategies for growing your Knowledge Base with the answers your customers are looking for now.

What to do with a negative review

Business owner with a negative review

Negative reviews break sales. Yet they can also provide useful insights. So how can you learn from critical feedback without sacrificing your reputation?

While you can’t control reviews, you can control how you respond to them. And how and when you respond matters. Here are six simple strategies to make negative reviews work for your business.

Moving forward with lead generation: Nishit Kotak, Co-Founder of eBusiness Marketing

Nishit Kotak, Co-Founder, eBusiness Marketing

When Nishit Kotak launched his digital marketing agency, he faced a challenge shared by businesses of every size: how to engage and convert visitors before they leave the website. We recently spoke with him to hear how tawk.to’s live chat and customer support tools have changed lead generation for his business and those of his clients.