How to create a memorable brand personality

Brand Personality

Good business is all about connection. As we find ourselves surrounded by technology and automation, customers are looking for human interaction, a sense of personality that helps them to build trust. Creating a consistent brand personality is essential for developing strong relationships with existing and potential clients. Your business’s personality is who you are as a professional, and it’s who your customers interact with.

Take These 3 Steps to Generate More Qualified Leads for Your Business

Marketing funnel

Lead generation. It’s no secret that it’s the holy grail of digital marketing for businesses. You want to attract qualified leads and know high-quality content is important. How do you know which content to create? And how do you get more visitors to see it? Let’s tackle these key questions with three steps to capture more leads this year.

Managing remote teams: The pros and cons of time tracking

Virtual Assistants using a time tracker

Holding remote team members accountable can be challenging, and time-tracking software has become a popular solution. Where do time trackers cross the line and how much is too much? Keep reading to find out more about time-tracking, what we’ve learned working with a remote crew, and what’s working now.

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