Making product recommendations easy: Luke Brandley, Co-Founder of ShareitEffect

Luke Brandley, Co-Founder, ShareitEffect

As co-founder of ShareitEffect, Luke Brandley knows the value of a good recommendation. His app gives Shopify customers a simple way to recommend products directly from their shopping carts. We spoke with Luke to hear how supports ShareitEffect’s customer service and SEO and why he recommends it to the businesses he works with every day.

How to deliver exceptional customer service this holiday season

Holiday customer service support team

The holidays are just around the corner and we can all agree it’s a busy time of year. It’s a crazy time for commerce, both in-person and in the digital space.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few tips and give you a boost in preparation for shoppers coming your way.

Communicate with prospects right where they are

Company representative speaking with global customers

The Sales process has shifted from the business to the customer. We “google” for answers. We turn to Social media to ask our friends what they think or where they went.
As a business with an online presence, it’s essential to show up across multiple channels. So how can we position ourselves where future customers can stumble onto our profiles?

Bringing B2B businesses together: Meir Shachar, CEO of Powerlinx

Meir Shachar, CEO, Powerlinx

Powerlinx helps businesses connect through a simple B2B app that allows them to find customers, suppliers, partners, and even the financing they need to accelerate growth. We spoke with Meir Shachar, CEO, to learn how this B2B matchmaking app is using to open the way for faster communication and business growth.