Managing remote teams: The pros and cons of time tracking

Virtual Assistants using a time tracker

Holding remote team members accountable can be challenging, and time-tracking software has become a popular solution. Where do time trackers cross the line and how much is too much? Keep reading to find out more about time-tracking, what we’ve learned working with a remote crew, and what’s working now.

7 signs you need a Virtual Assistant in 2023

Virtual Assistant to the rescue

Your business has strategic revenue-focused goals to hit this year. Yet new growth often comes with new responsibilities for your current staff. Workloads increase. Teams hit max capacity. And overloaded employees show signs of burnout. At these times, business owners often realize the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to provide support.

How to keep your accounts secure when a remote team member leaves

account security for employee offboarding

When a remote team member leaves your business, how can you know your accounts will remain secure? The average employee now stays for only 4.1 years, and companies want to know how to take the risk out of job transfers. Here’s a checklist of best practices based on what we’ve learned working as an internationally-distributed team.