The End of Day Report: Meet our new tool for improving remote team management

Virtual Assistant performance report

Now it’s easy to track your remote team’s performance. When you subscribe to our monthly Virtual Assistant Service, you’ll receive a customized daily summary of each VA’s completed tasks. You choose the metrics to track. Your report helps you set expectations, hold team members accountable, and correct minor issues before they turn into roadblocks.

A brand new look for mobile chat

We’ve rolled out a brand new update to enhance the mobile experience at Our latest update brings you a clean new interface and user-friendly navigation. Whether you’re answering chats on the go, adding a new shortcut or replying to a ticket, you can find and share information more quickly than ever.

Respond to chats quickly with these shortcuts

The Dashboard is full of features made to improve your conversations with visitors. Shortcuts offer you a quick and easy way to respond to chats with templated answers. Use the tips and suggestions in this article to save time and enhance your ability to chat.