How to keep your accounts secure when a remote team member leaves

account security for employee offboarding

When a remote team member leaves your business, how can you know your accounts will remain secure? The average employee now stays for only 4.1 years, and companies want to know how to take the risk out of job transfers. Here’s a checklist of best practices based on what we’ve learned working as an internationally-distributed team.

David A. Glück, Cmycard

With the transition of paper business cards to digital, how can you get the most out of the newer, greener options? We spoke with David A. Glück, Founder and CEO, to learn how Cmycard is helping businesses generate quality leads and real-time conversations.

Increase your productivity in 2023: Time-saving strategies for entrepreneurs

Time-saving strategies for entrepreneurs

Time — it’s our most precious resource. Yet when you’re an entrepreneur or the founder of a growing startup, it often seems to be in short supply. We hear you. To help you make 2023 the best year yet for you and your business, here are some practical strategies you can use to save time in the new year.
We’ve gathered some of the metrics we track regularly here at You can use these to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and sales.

Resolve support tickets fast with these strategies

Resolve support tickets fast for happy customers

Most customers expect their help requests to be resolved in only one interaction. Yet that’s not always possible. So what’s the next best alternative?

Here are some ticketing strategies we use at to speed up help desk responses. With these under your belt, you’ll be ready to win new customers while better serving the ones you have.