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White label your Knowledge Base

As business owners, we want our brands to be known, trusted, and remembered. Now you can put your brand first with our new white label feature for your Knowledge Base.

If you haven’t yet created a Knowledge Base in your free tawk.to account, you’ve likely visited one. It’s typically a help center where visitors can search, find answers to frequently asked questions, and download guides and resources. 

After the beta-launch of our Knowledge Base, we’ve had a number of requests to white label it.

What is white labeling? Why are we getting so many requests? And what can white labeling do for your business?

What is White Labeling

What is white labeling?

People like consistency. Whether it’s a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for.

Millard Drexler

White labeling gives businesses the power to add new offers quickly by rebranding premade products and services.

Walk into a typical American grocery store, and you’ll likely find store-brand dish soap made in a factory that produces the same item for multiple store brands. Each store adds their own label and packaging.

While every tawk.to user can change the appearance, greetings and behavior of their tawk.to widget, our optional Remove Branding Add-on lets you make the widget and email 100% your own:

  • Remove or replace the small “powered by tawk.to” message at the bottom with your own 
  • Assign your own domain to your widget’s Chat Page 
  • Send ticketing emails from a custom email address with your brand and link in the footer

Now you can also remove or replace the “powered by tawk.to” snippet from the footer of your Knowledge Base and assign your own domain.

Why white label?

More recognition, less confusion

The first lesson of branding: memorability. It’s very difficult buying something you can’t remember.

― John Hegarty, Hegarty on Advertising

What’s the first name that comes to mind?

Black turtleneck? 

Steve Jobs. 

A checkmark-like swoosh? 


Giant yellow arches? 


You could think of your brand as the inner essence of your business. Stores, websites and products change — sometimes quickly. Your brand makes them stand out as yours every time. It’s what people remember, recognize and return to.

Showing up with 100% consistency makes it easier for potential customers to recognize and remember your brand. Look for ways to personalize all your communications with the same design elements, styles, logos and even words and phrases that make you look and sound like … you.

Keeping every page, widget and email in alignment helps your visitors get to know and trust you just a little better every time.

The Trust Factor

Trust is built with consistency.

— Lincoln Chafee, US state senator

Showing up every time with the same look, feel and voice gives your visitors an unspoken message that they can depend on you. 

In a recent report by Lucidpress, 70% of respondents identified brand consistency as important to maintaining relationships with existing customers. Participants in the same study estimated that brand consistency alone would grow their revenue an average of 33%.

Switching voices, styles or colors without a strategy results in confusion, with nearly one in five businesses reporting that off-brand content damages their reputation or credibility.

White labeling creates a frictionless experience for your visitors when they move from your site to your social profiles, related pages or apps.  

White labeling multiplies your time and resources

White labeling SaaS allows you to offer new products without hiring a team of developers or providing maintenance and security updates. 

You see, our Knowledge Base is the Help Center right on this website. It’s exactly the same Knowledge Base you have — with all the same features — and it’s 100% free. 

Every day, thousands of visitors leave us feedback and ratings. Our team shares questions, requests, and concerns we use to continually improve the Knowledge Base experience for our users. 

We call it “eating our own dog food.”

That is, we discover how to make the Knowledge Base better by using it ourselves, listening to visitors live in the tawk.to chat and sharing what we learn with our developers.

In fact, it was by talking to our customers that we learned they wanted the option to white label. 

Now, your customers will love YOU for the help you give them. 

How much does it cost to white label my Knowledge Base?

While software providers typically require a paid plan to white label – or even create – a Knowledge Base, we wanted to give businesses of every size the opportunity to show pride in their brands by completely removing our name from their help centers. 

If you’ve already taken advantage of the Remove Branding Add-on for your widget and email, you can remove the tawk.to branding from your Knowledge Base footer and assign a new domain right now.

We’ll continue to do all the hosting, develop the product, and make new improvements based on the feedback that rolls in. You get a help center that’s personalized for your business.

Your customers will love being able to search and find what they’re looking for any time of day —  whether you’re open or closed. And your name is the one they’ll get to know and trust.

You’ll find our Remove Branding Add-on feature in the Add-on section of your tawk.to Dashboard. And if you have questions about the feature or how to put it in place, we’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you’ve already white labeled your Knowledge Base, we’d love to know what you think of this new feature. Share your story with us or visit our User Voice page, where you can suggest a new feature or improvement to make tawk.to the best product available. We would love to hear from you!

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