Update : Mail Notifications

Over the last few days we have rolled out new email notification settings. Some of the old favorites are getting a fresh look and some new functionality has been added.

The most common feedback we hear about mail notifications is the lack of granularity. To remedy that, we are separating out each notification in a separate section.

Before, you where able to select from :

  • No notifications
  • Notifications for all chats
  • Notifications for offline messages

With the new update you’ll be able to specify individual settings for :

  • All transcripts
  • Missed chats
  • Offline messages
  • New ticket notifications

More options

With the new settings we are bringing the ability to provide multiple email addresses or individual agents to notify. If you want to let all admins know about a ticket + someone outside of the www.tawk.to system; no problem – just specify the email address.

An example scenario might be that you would like to integrate a CRM and notify a select few agents; that’s now possible.

Missed chats

With new UI updates we are also bringing new options. Previously you had the ability to choose from sending all transcripts or no transcripts.

With today’s update you’ll have the ability to single out only the missed chats.

Want to integrate a CRM or external ticketing system to handle missed chats as tickets per case by case basis?  this is the option you are looking for.

New ticket notifications

You will be able to control to whom the notifications about unassigned tickets are going out to.

Final words

With the recent overhaul of our emailing system to be able to satisfy the needs of our white label customers, we have had the chance to address some of the long-standing issues everybody has. We strive for excellence in what we do and maintain a firm belief that messaging should be free for everybody.

We hope you like these new changes and if not – hop into a chat with us. We are always here and ready to assist.

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