Product update: Zapier integration

We’re excited to announce our latest product update. You can now use Zapier to easily make custom integrations between www.tawk.to and your other favorite apps. It’s super simple and incredibly quick, just sign in with your Zapier account, add your www.tawk.to details, select a property and you’re ready to create a new automation.

Don’t spend your time doing small repetitive tasks, set up a zap and automate the work.

We’ll be making updates to include more features over time but for now, the Zapier integration is launching with 3 triggers. You can create Zaps to trigger when a chat starts, ends or when a new ticket is created. Best o f all, you can integrate with more than 1,500 available apps.

Here’s one we made earlier

If you’re looking for ideas for making new Zaps, check out our pre-made examples for some inspiration. These are templates with Zaps already set up that will link www.tawk.to to other popular apps. 

How to create a custom Zap

It’s super simple to create a completely custom Zap to help connect www.tawk.to to any of the other available apps out there. Once you’ve hit the “Make a Zap” button in the top right corner, you’re on your way. 

Next up you’ll be prompted to select an app from those available, from here you just need to select www.tawk.to, choose a trigger event and make sure to choose the www.tawk.to account and property you’d like to set the new Zap up for. If you haven’t already added a www.tawk.to account, you can do it now as part of the setup. 

Once you’ve made your selections you can continue on to decide what you’d like the Zap to do by choosing and configuring the receiving app. Then you can test the Zap, name it, turn it on and you’re done. Congratulations, your life just got a little easier with automation! 

Check out the video below for a step by step tutorial.

If you need more in-depth information about how the Zapier integration works or you want to brush up on our webhooks and APIs, check out our developer portal.

What Zaps have you come up with? We’d love to hear what automations you’ve created and how they’ve helped.

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