Announcing new tawk.to plugins for Vue.js and React.js

New release: Add tawk.to to your app with plugins for Vue.js and React.js

Great news! Now it’s easy to add all the functionality of tawk.to inside your app.

Our new Vue.js and React.js plugins provide seamless integration, connecting app users directly to your support team. 

Quickly develop a solution for ultra-customized widget behavior. All functions in our JavaScript library are available and work with the plugin.

Whether you’re using Vue.js or React.js, you can minimize the costs and time of development.

Now you can have an app that lets you answer questions, follow up with new leads, and give customers access to your knowledge base in less than 30 minutes.

You can find all of our JavaScript framework plugins and installation guides in the integrations section of the tawk.to Help Center.

View the Vue.js installation and guide here:  Vue.js
View the React.js installation and setup guide here: React.js

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