New features and bug fixes

Hey tawkers,

It’s been a while since we last tawked so here is a brief summary for easier digestion:

We fixed some bugs

  1. The mobile widget did a thing that would return Visitors to the top of the page when the Widget was minimised. Now Visitors stay where they last parked.
  2. When Agent’s wanted to remove themselves from a Property, they couldn’t. Well, now they can.
  3. There was this weird little issue where someone added a Widget to their site and it didn’t work quite quite right because the site had a global javascript variable named “l”. Now you can name your javascript variables as your heart pleases.
  4. When a Visitor wanted to start a conversation with you, they had 2 options for 1 button – “Send” and “Start chat”. Now the button is happy being named “Start Chat”.

We’ve not only fixed a ton of bugs under the hood but have also been listening to what you are tawking about in Uservoice. Yes, we do listen.

New feature time

  1. When a Visitor sends you a message while you are offline, the message will contain a link from the page on your site that the message was sent from. This was a feature requested in Uservoice. So now it’s available.
  2. Another feature requested was to allow users to include links in the Widget. Now you can do that in any Widget – (both Online or offline).
  3. Tawkers have also mentioned that sometimes a Whisper is sent instead of an actual message because the input fields look the same. Now the whisper field is clearly distinguishable.
  4. Many have asked us to increase the number of Triggers per Property. Previously it was 10, now it’s 20.
  5. Some tawkers have had the need to disable a Widget. Up until now, it could only be done with Widgets that you created yourself. Now you can disable any Widget, even the default Widget you get when you create a Property.
  6. Romanian language is now available for all who need it! We’ve also updated a few translation fixes you have sent in via Uservoice. We are very thankful that tawkers participate in improving our translations. If you want to help us even further, visit our crowdin page and help in making our translations more accurate!

You can check out the latest updates in the dashboard. We are working continuously on delivering even more features. Some very exciting things are in the pipeline. We will keep you updated on all the goodies!


Thank for all the kind words you send our way. Each compliment you send us, is seen by the whole team. It helps keep us motivated and hard at work. That and coffee. Coffee is delicious.

Have a great week and www.tawk.to you soon!

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