New feature: Reporting

Hello dear tawkers! Yes, that’s how we call ourselves and you are one of us!

When logging in to the www.tawk.to dashboard you might have noticed a shiny ‘NEW’ label in the main menu, as we’ve launched a new Reporting section which many, many tawkers have been asking for. It’s finally here! With reporting, you will be able to see statistics about many aspects for Chats and Ticketing.

Here is the breakdown of what insights each report brings:

For chats

  • Chat Volume show the number of received chats
  • Missed Chats show the number of chats that were not answered while a User was live on your site
  • Average Chat Duration show the average time Agents spend answering User chats
  • User Satisfaction shows an overview of feedback from the conversations Users have with Agents. You know those little thumbs up and thumbs down buttons? Those dictate the statistics. Neutral, of course, shows the number of people who did not rate the conversation
  • First Response Time shows the amount of time a User was waiting for an Agent to answer an incoming chat

For Ticketing

  • New Ticket Volume shows the number of newly created tickets
  • Solved Tickets show the number of tickets that have been solved
  • Ticket Source shows the channel from which a ticket was created. Chat means that a ticket was created from a conversation with a User. Email means that an incoming request was received using email. And of course Agent means that those tickets were created by Agents themselves
  • Resolution Time shows the amount of time in which a ticket was solved
  • Ticket Reopened show the amount of tickets that were once solved but have been revisited at a later date because it became relevant again
  • First Response Time shows the time in which an Agent responds to a User’s message

Hopefully, you will find Reporting useful. We at www.tawk.to, feel that nothing is ever ‘done’, so we are looking for feedback from you. Please submit your ideas, suggestions, bugs and any other useful information that would help us bring a better and more informative experience.

We appreciate any feedback as it fuels our motivation and desire to bring you the best messaging experience!

Ok great tawk, login to the dashboard to check it out > https://dashboard.www.tawk.to

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