New Dashboard & Widget Designs

The www.tawk.to team of creatives have been busy working on a revised design to the Dashboard, as well as a new visitor widget theme.

Some notable new features to be rolled out with the design include :


  • We have separated Sites & Pages, and brought them up to the top menu.
  • Pages will no longer be nested inside “Sites”, they will be their own entity.
  • Multi-language support
  • Agent to Agent chat will now has a more visible visitor list position.

Visitor Widget

  • File upload
  • End Chat
  • Custom Bubble Images
  • When a visitor clicks our logo, it no longer redirects them to our site, but first confirms if they would like to exit.

If you have any feedback or think you can add to the design, we would love to hear from you  >>  http://tawk.uservoice.com



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