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David A. Glück, Cmycard

“We always think that our business is so easy and it’s self-explanatory, but it’s not. We live it every day, the whole day, 24 x 7. But you always need to explain even more. So tawk really does the work for us.”

 — David A. Glück, CEO, Cmycard

With the transition of paper business cards to digital, how can you get the most out of the newer, greener options? We spoke to David A. Glück, Founder and CEO, to learn how Cmycard is generating more quality leads and real-time conversations.

1 – First of all, can you tell us about your business?

We are the worldwide suppliers of patented business cards that are detachable without perforation marks. When COVID started, we took the business cards one step further and created an information channel and lead generator through a dynamic business card and email signature. The leads that the card and Cmycard produces are then transferred directly to the CRM program of the customer. 

Cmycard is a SaaS service. Everyone can use it, everyone can share it. On the back of the phone, you have a small label, and that label has an NFC chip within it. Then, [someone taps] on that NFC, and you have your card over in their phone.

You can choose your font, you can choose CMYK colors, you can upload audio files. And it’s a multilanguage product. We have today nine languages and growing — so it’s really a great card for anyone that’s traveling or multinational companies. And every card that you send really produces a qualitative lead.

2 – How do you use tawk.to at Cmycard?

We have applied tawk to our websites and also to every digital business card we create. And we create thousands of them on a daily basis. So when a customer creates and populates their information on their card, they can always ask us questions through tawk. And this is an indicator for us of where we need to improve our application. Because if there are questions, that means we are not clear enough. 

We always think that our business is so easy and it’s self-explanatory, but it’s not. We live it every day, the whole day, 24 x 7. But you always need to explain even more. So tawk really does the work for us.

3 – Why did you choose to partner with tawk.to? 

Here, all the teams really loved tawk from the first moment because it was so easy to apply it. And everything you said on your website and the support we got was right. And I don’t take that for granted at all. I mean, we’ve seen systems out there and they are not delivering what they promised. And for us, it’s just an excellent product that’s easy to use, and more [importantly], to apply.

And our product really completes the tawk CRM program because it’s a vertical integration by which we catch the lead and the tawk CRM handles the leads. So it’s a match made in heaven.

4 – How do you promote tawk.to?

We show tawk on every individual website we create for our customers, and we recommend it to others. As a result, we know at least one company that has joined [tawk.to] as a partner already. 

It’s a great product, so our friends are grateful when we introduce them to tawk. I mean, we do them a favor by introducing tawk. So that’s how we promote it. And I think if you talk to people, it’s much better. Not many people believe the written word anymore. 

5 – What benefits are you seeing as a result of sharing tawk.to?

Using tawk really gives us confidence and security because we know that our customers can ask us for help whenever they need it and they don’t get stuck there out in the metaverse and nobody listens to them. 

We can immediately understand the problems our customers have and fix the problems. So tawk is really an excellent Q and A service in that way. That means we know if there’s a quality problem, and we can react to it.

6 – What advice can you share with new partners at tawk.to?

Contact tawk — talk to them because they give you great support. You’ll have answers very fast. So as a potential partner, don’t hesitate. 

Every dumb question you have, go for it. Because you’ll get a good answer and a solution. 

And they don’t shoot from the hip either. They’ll show you the answers on their website, and that means that you’re not the first one asking this question. And that, once again, gives you confidence in tawk as a supplier.

Learn more about Cmycard and get in touch here: Cmycard partner proflle

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