I’m that guy at the party that you meet and think..

“WHO was that guy? I hate him.”


“Wow ok… He’s someone I need to get to know.”

There really is no in-between.

So primarily, and with the sole aim of getting to know us quickly, so that we can just dive in deep – let me tell you who we are, explain how we speak, what we need; then ask you a single qualifying question – and give you some background info for good measure.

Who we are:

www.tawk.to is the 100% free messaging app that 1.9M+ biz peeps use to get closer to their customers.

We’re the #2 most widely used (and fastest growing) chat application in the world (#1 by year-end) – over 1.7B (that’s a B for Billion) end users interact with, chat with and/or are exposed to our brand every month.

That’s 20% of the world’s population.

We’re the bootstrapped underdog with a solution to the problem, playing in field of pubco / well-funded incumbents blinded by the symptom and winning – one human connection, at a time.

Our mission is:

Equal Access to Opportunity” – All businesses, regardless of size or location, should have access to the best tools to communicate and transact with their customers. We only monetize at the junction where our users derive value and benefit, not just by giving or limiting access to certain features.

We inherently believe in:

Investing in the value of a human connection.

What we’re looking for:

Someone with incredible story-telling chops to help us:

  • Empower Entrepreneurs
  • Tell our story
  • Tell our user’s stories
  • Drive more users in to the top of the funnel
  • Inform new and existing users of the core benefits of www.tawk.to
  • Push users further down the funnel toward a paid conversion
  • Keep users engaged with the brand
  • Entice existing users to refer their contacts
  • Assist and guide our users to become better Entrepreneurs
  • We’re ultimately looking for someone whom has an affinity with storytelling – as through stories we are empowered to change, act and grow.
Key Attributes of our brand persona:
  • Underdog
  • Self-made
  • Bootstrapped
  • Scrappy
  • Honest (often brutally)
  • Liberal
  • Confident
  • Fair
  • Generous
  • Understanding
  • Reliable
  • Optimistic
  • Human
And our key Message(s):
  • People Prefer to Message.
  • You need to be there for your customers when they need you most.
  • People buy from People.
  • You shouldn’t have to pay to chat with the visitors on your website, they’re your visitors.
  • Helping is the new selling.
  • The sales process is not about coercion; it’s about compassion.
  • We double down on the value of a human connection.
The Audience(s) we service:
  • Primary – Entrepreneurs / Website Owners
  • Secondary – Gatekeepers / Web Designers / Agencies / Hosting Co’s
  • Tertiary – Strategic Partners / Platforms (Theme Makers, CMS’s, 2-way Platforms etc)
An example of how we speak:
How our customers speak about us:
So my sole question for you in moving forward is:

How much for your absolute best work ever?

We’re not looking for cheap (although that would be nice 💓), and we’re definitely not looking for ‘content for content’s sake’.

We’re looking for someone that can fall in love with the underdog, that can shine a light on the human story of the almost 2 Million businesses that use www.tawk.to – and that can speak with a personal, gracious and humble voice that cuts through the corporate speak so prevalent in B2B software circles.

The focus should always be in helping our users succeed, and never speaking from a position of “we know better” – because frankly we don’t.

We’re honored to have even landed in a place where we have the opportunity to be of service to so many people and businesses, and the way we see it – if we are lucky enough to capture 500 words of attention from a businesses owners day; then we need to make every single word count.

We have a responsibility to honor and respect the time invested in reading our content by delivering an ROI through either an emotive response, or a key learning.

Let us know if www.tawk.to is the guy at the party you dodge when you see him lingering at the punchbowl? Or that peculiar chap, you really want to get to know?

Shoot us an email to introduce yourself.

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