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Sardinia, Italy
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Online retail fashion sales is a saturated market place where big brands dominate and disposable fashion is now a business model.
EXKITE’s philosophy is distinctly different; Each piece of the up-cycled sport fashion brand’s one-of-a-kind originals collection contains a unique tag inside that identifies the location, model number and name of the professional kite surfer that tested the prototype kite before being repurposed into a high-end fashion product.

Fashion conscious consumers tend to have very high expectations, not only when it comes to quality and aesthetics, but also throughout the purchase process - online and offline.

As a result, EXKITE learned pretty quickly that in order to not only differentiate themselves in a crowded market, but to gain a customers trust and ultimately their patronage; they needed to deliver a customer experience as unique as the product itself.

Our customers are not just buying a jacket, they're buying a one of a kind connection to the EXKITE story... is the stitch that binds us to the most important part of that story.. the relationship.. the people.
Renzo Mancini, Founder EXKITE

When initially searching for a customer service solution to get closer to their customers and support their online sales, EXKITE discovered as a cost effective and feature rich application - though instead of simply using the free company profile page to engage with visitors, they decided to integrate the customizable URL’s into their product, enabling customers to connect directly with the kite surfer that flew the kite, which was then used to make their “pre-flown” garment..

“Customers are like the wind, you’ve got to catch them at the right moment, otherwise they can change direction and they’re gone.“

Eirinn Skrede, Co-founder / Stylist

EXKITE has taken a truly bespoke approach to post-sale customer experience, which results in an incredibly personal connection to the brand, amongst a growing group of EXKITE loyalists.

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