“Brand voice is the new logo” and other takeaways from Digital Summit Raleigh 2022

Digital Summit Series Raleigh 2022

This year’s Digital Summit Series brought founders, marketers, SEO specialists, content creators and PR strategists together at the Raleigh Convention Center. Featured speakers shared the latest on what’s working in digital strategy, busted common myths and uncovered new trends in social, search and content. Here are some of our top takeaways.

One Small Step to a digitally savvy business

Human beings are wired to connect. Whether we’re stopping by a friend’s house or walking into a local store, a warm welcome has the power to lift our spirits, make our day brighter in any weather, and keep us coming back. Find out what’s working now to grow your business online and connect with customers — One Small Step at a time.

Adopt a customer-first approach and other takeaways from NRF 2020

New York’s Javit’s Center was filled with retail’s most influential leaders and experts for the annual National Retail Federation’s NRF Retail Big Show 2020 Vision. Defying the notion that today’s consumer industry doesn’t have any room for physical retail anymore, the event was teeming with startup founders, tech innovators, e-commerce executives and retail advocates who shared their insights during keynote speeches and fireside chats in front of a record 40,000 attendees in the event hall.

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