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What you can learn from an Unhappy Customer

If you’re in business for any amount of time - you’re going to have unhappy customers at some point. It’s inevitable - here's how to deal with unhappy customers.

You are One in a Million

1,000,000 forward-thinking business users now use to get closer to their customers. Today marks a true milestone in this very unlikely journey that we are all on together.

What we learned in the first 180 days of the “Hired Agents Beta”

If you are adding live chat to your website, or hiring outsourced chat agents – this is a must read. This is Part 2 in a series […]

What we learned in the first 90 days of the “Hired Agents Beta”

This is PART 1 in the series – click here to go Straight to PART 2 Just shy of 90 days ago, we launched the “Hire-an-Agent” BETA […]