Putting on the Ritz: How to create extraordinary customer experiences in chat

Customer service via chat

Walk into a Ritz-Carlton hotel and every need is anticipated. Any issue is handled swiftly. And professionalism and respect are communicated at every level.

What is it that makes the Ritz-Carlton’s customer service so extraordinary? And how can we apply that to serving our customers in live chats?

Let’s start with three steps …

Customer service KPIs to increase loyalty in 2023

Business owner with KPI statistics

What matters most in customer service and how can we measure it? KPIs, short for Key Performance Indicators, can help you reach your customers service goals by giving you a snapshot of your team’s performance at any given time.

We’ve gathered some of the metrics we track regularly here at tawk.to. You can use these to increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and sales.

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