The road to young entrepreneurship

The twenty-first century is instant. A mass global market is never more than a few clicks away. People are more diversely and internationally connected than ever before, thanks to the rise of social media and everybody has a voice and a platform to shout it from. Today’s young people are surrounded by opportunities for business creation and growth.

Digital web trends and how to implement them

Web trends are forever changing, but there are some that will be just as relevant in 2020 as they were in 2019. Balancing functionality with an eye-catching design may seem difficult, but if you can master it, you’ll set yourself up for higher user engagement and ideally, a higher conversion rate.

How experiential marketing can benefit your business

People love experiences. We enjoy sights, sounds, different sensations. We like trying out cool, new stuff and having fun! That’s why experiential marketing works and why huge corporations are devoting considerable chunks of their advertising budget to experiential marketing.

Free up more time with process automation

It’s one of those phrases that any consultant worth their salt will have in their vocabulary… and will be willing to liberally throw around. Process automation. But what is it? What are the benefits and why do you need it in your business?