221 tasks you can assign to a Virtual Assistant

221 tasks you can assign to a VA

What can you take off of your daily to-do list? The answer may surprise you. Here’s a checklist with 221 tasks you can assign to a Virtual Assistant — so you don’t have to add another desk to the office, create a new position, or give up your weekend figuring out how to do something you never wanted to do in the first place.

Time-saving strategies for creating Knowledge Base content

Business owner usint time-saving strategies to build a Knowledge Base

A searchable Knowledge Base makes it easy for your customers and team members to find their own answers — exactly when they need them. Yet facing an empty Knowledge Base can be daunting. Try these time-saving shortcuts and strategies for growing your Knowledge Base with the answers your customers are looking for now.

Getting to Aha: The journey to customer success

Kristaps Beinerts, Customer Success at tawk.to

Ask any business owner if customer success matters, and they’ll undoubtedly say yes. Yet with every product and growth stage, how you help your customers realize their goals changes. We spoke with Kristaps Beinerts from the Customer Success team to find out what he’s learned throughout tawk.to’s rapid growth and what strategies are working now.