Communicate with prospects right where they are

Company representative speaking with global customers

The Sales process has shifted from the business to the customer. We “google” for answers. We turn to Social media to ask our friends what they think or where they went.
As a business with an online presence, it’s essential to show up across multiple channels. So how can we position ourselves where future customers can stumble onto our profiles?

Bringing B2B businesses together: Meir Shachar, CEO of Powerlinx

Meir Shachar, CEO, Powerlinx

Powerlinx helps businesses connect through a simple B2B app that allows them to find customers, suppliers, partners, and even the financing they need to accelerate growth. We spoke with Meir Shachar, CEO, to learn how this B2B matchmaking app is using to open the way for faster communication and business growth.

The lost art of real talk in business

The lost art of real talk in business

Tech is at an all-time high and we’ve somehow lost real conversations along the way. Deep discussion between two people seems to happen less and less. How is real talk relevant to your business? And what does it look like in today’s digital sphere?