What to do with a negative review

Business owner with a negative review

Negative reviews break sales. Yet they can also provide useful insights. So how can you learn from critical feedback without sacrificing your reputation?

While you can’t control reviews, you can control how you respond to them. And how and when you respond matters. Here are six simple strategies to make negative reviews work for your business.

Getting to Aha: The journey to customer success

Kristaps Beinerts, Customer Success at tawk.to

Ask any business owner if customer success matters, and they’ll undoubtedly say yes. Yet with every product and growth stage, how you help your customers realize their goals changes. We spoke with Kristaps Beinerts from the Customer Success team to find out what he’s learned throughout tawk.to’s rapid growth and what strategies are working now.

Bringing Virtual Events to life: Malcolm Stewart, Big Media

Malcolm Stewart, Director, Big Media

Big Media works with event organizers to deliver virtual and hybrid events on the Virtual Expo platform. We spoke with Malcolm Stewart, Design and Technical Director at Big Media and Virtual Expo, to learn how partnership with tawk.to has brought new opportunities to streamline setup and communication for events.