Bringing Virtual Events to life: Malcolm Stewart, Big Media

Malcolm Stewart, Director, Big Media

Big Media works with event organizers to deliver virtual and hybrid events on the Virtual Expo platform. We spoke with Malcolm Stewart, Design and Technical Director at Big Media and Virtual Expo, to learn how partnership with has brought new opportunities to streamline setup and communication for events.

How to onboard your Virtual Assistant for success

Onboarding a new VA

How can you give your Virtual Assistant a strong start as a new member of your team? We spoke with Aldie and Fatti from’s HR department to hear what they’ve learned after onboarding hundreds of VAs for the monthly subscription service.

Respond effortlessly with these easy email templates

Team member sending emails

Some customers need a little extra nudge and a great email template is the easiest way to follow up. We’ve put together a collection of templates that may be just what you need to get that long-awaited response from a potential client.