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Redlands, California
Hired Agents
Creative 7 Designs specializes in Graphic and Website Design with Marketing in Mind.
Located in Redlands, California - Creative 7 Designs understands that starting a new business can be stressful and cost-intensive which is why they offer website, marketing, and graphic design services at a median price; to better serve their community of local and small to medium-sized businesses while still providing top-notch, professional work.

What separates them from the competition is a commitment to excellent and responsive customer service - working with the hired chat agent service they're able to offer 24x7 live customer service, so that their customers and prospects always have someone to speak to.

When you hire Creative 7 Designs, their US-based teams in Redlands, CA and Lufkin, TX take on the entirety of the job - everything is created with pride and precision in the USA.
We can really quantify the results, we know when a client came through on live chat.. in fact; our largest client in 2017, came from live chat.
Joseph Kibler, CEO
Although live chat performs as an efficient customer service tool for Creative 7 Design's existing customers, it's also has an impact on attracting new business. In fact, their largest customer last year came through live chat.

“We can really quantify the results, we know that a client came through live chat, and we know what that client turned in to from live chat“

Joseph Kibler, CEO

Though one of the greatest benefits they experience from the hired agent service, is that when they are off.. they are off.. They can do what they do best during the day, and then rest easy at night and weekends knowing we've got them covered.

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