Here’s why www.tawk.to is Free – (it’s probably not what you think)

It seems like almost every day that passes, we receive another email, call or referral from a VC or PE firm looking to invest in www.tawk.to.

Which of course is flattering and of which we are incredibly grateful; though to date we have continued to bootstrap to profitability and millions of users – without taking on any external funding (yet).

But here’s the thing… The #1 question that VC’s almost always ask us is:

“Why is www.tawk.to Free? You have millions of users, why not start charging for the core software?”

To which we reply:

“No way. Never – it goes against our purpose, our mission and everything we stand for.”

Then the phone goes silent for a few awkward seconds 🙂

Here’s what they’re missing;

Every living organism on this planet exists to be in service to something else.

The sun gives light and heat.

The bees pollinate flowers and give us honey.

Some animals give their life so others can thrive.

Our purpose here, just like every other living thing in this crazy world that we all coexist in, is simply to ‘give‘ as much as we can.

Whether that be tools, jobs, time, money, care, opportunity, empathy, compassion, advice or forgiveness.

Our mission at www.tawk.to is simply to give:

“Equal Access to Opportunity”

All businesses, regardless of size or location, should have access to the best tools to communicate and transact with their customers, and we solely monetize at the junction where our customers derive value and benefit, not just by giving or limiting access to certain features.

You should ‘never’ have to pay to communicate with your customers – and if you’re using www.tawk.to; you never will.

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