Update : Admin

Today we launched a major update to the dashboard, including a new Administration area as well as some key updates to Messaging , with some changes in how we manage shortcuts, the ban list.

Admin updates :

  • We have done away with the “Sites & Pages” area, and created a dedicated section called “Admin”. Sites & Pages are now called Properties.
  • There are two types of Properties, a Site (your website) and a Page (a hosted url like www.tawk.to/yourbrand).
  • Shortcuts and Ban list have moved down in to the Admin section for each property.
  • Properties now have Assets, which at the moment we only have one type of Asset, namely Widgets. In the near future we will be adding more assets like SDK for mobile app integration, SMS # so you can add a telephone number to manage incoming and outgoing SMS, as well as Facebook integration, so that you can manage all your Facebook page messages from within www.tawk.to
  • Your Global shortcuts are now in the “My Profile” section.

Here’s what the new Admin section looks like :


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