Help us translate www.tawk.to !

Hi tawkers!

Our editorial team are seeking assistance with the translation of our Dashboard.

How you can help:

1. Sign up for a free account here : https://www.tawk.to/
2. Take a look around, and make yourself familiar with the Dashboard.
3. Initiate a live chat on our homepage & ask to speak to someone about translating www.tawk.to in to your language.

This is a paid freelance gig.

The languages we’re seeking translation for at this time are :

    – Czech
    – Dutch
    – Filipino
    – French
    – Hindi
    – German
    – Greek
    – Italian
    – Japanese
    – Latvian
    – Malay
    – Mandarin
    – Norwegian
    – Brazilian Portuguese
    – Russian
    – Spanish
    – Swedish
    – Tamil
    – Turkish

If your language is not listed, and you would like to translate the www.tawk.to dashboard in to your local tongue, please do get in touch!

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