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Wigs Online creates human hair, synthetic fiber wigs, hairpieces, and other related products for customers all over the world.
Karen and Tony have been making a difference in people’s lives for 12 years. Customers who suffer from hair loss turn to Wigs Online to create custom wigs for them. It’s not an easy job to create the perfect wig for someone, but the outcome is rewarding and worth the effort. They’ve even received a handwritten letter from a client who'd ordered a wig for her 50th birthday celebration thanking them for helping her feel like her old self again. Knowing they bring this much joy to people’s lives is what helps to motivate them.

Wigs Online has a small showroom in Vermont, Melbourne, but through their website, they’re able to cater to both local and international clients. When customers order wigs, there are inevitably a lot of questions involved – hair color, material, style, cut, etc. As they scaled their business, Karen and Tony realized that they needed reliable live chat software to help answer all these critical customer questions.
“When we finally found, apart from being so easy to set up and run with, it just meant that we had that personal element.”
Tony Corbo, Wigs Online
When customers visit their website and want to find out more about their wigs, it's easy for Karen to answer any questions they have right away. They get the individual treatment they deserve, creating an outstanding customer experience.

“We take a very personal approach to business, allows us to do that personal approach so much easier.”

Tony Corbo, Wigs Online

When scaling a business, keeping a personal touch with customers can be challenging. With, Karen and Tony are excited to see what the next chapter of their business will be knowing they can continue to offer their customers the highest level of support and make a real impact in peoples lives.

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