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Yogability is a yoga program designed for people with intellectual disabilities.
Yoga has had a significant impact on Charlotte and Marshall’s lives. It's helped Marshall recover from the trauma he experienced when he was younger, and it’s helped Charlotte continue her passion – working with people with intellectual disabilities.

Through Yogability, the pair have been able to positively impact peoples lives. They created a 10 week long, Mindful Yoga Care program that teaches and encourages participants to take better care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Before the participants sign up, many of them visit their website for more details. While on the Yogability site, it’s easy for the participants to use live chat to ask the Yogability team any questions they may have. Finding a live chat program that was not only simple to set up, but also to use, was important to Charlotte and Marshall.
“It’s quick, instant, you’re connecting to somebody. They’re on the other end, they get back to you instantly. It’s great.”
Charlotte, Yogability
Understanding these challenges is what led Charlotte and Marshall to If someone's interested in joining the program but hasn’t yet committed to the idea, they can easily visit the website for instant answers.

“tawk[.to] is really important because not everybody wants to speak over the phone. Some people have anxiety. They don’t want to pick up a phone and make a call.”

Charlotte, Yogability

Charlotte and Marshall know that being easily accessible to their customers is important. The live chat software is easy to use and ensures that participants who are interested in finding out more about their program can do so, without any hassles. It’s these little things that help Yogability connect to its customers and continue to grow.

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