Outdoor Laser Tag
Brisbane, Australia
Battlefield Sports
Hired Agents
Battlefield Sports is an Australian business that manufactures laser tag equipment and sells it to people all over the world.
Nicole didn’t understand why Peter wanted to spend $1,000 on laser tag equipment. It was a lot of money and back in the ‘90s, laser tag was just a hobby. After some persuasion, the couple purchased the equipment and started Battlefield Sports, eventually becoming the first in the world to commercialize outdoor laser tag.

As pioneers in the industry, they attracted a lot of people from their neighborhood. Every Saturday saw more and more laser tag enthusiasts coming to their place to play.

Their basic website, which Nicole put together in 1999, also attracted a lot of attention. They soon started receiving regular emails and phone calls from people all over the world but needed a better way to speak with their global customers.
“Our first export sale was to the USA and that’s actually the really good thing about using because we use the agents and they’re open in Californian business hours to help answer questions.”
Nicole Lander, Co-Founder
Before using the live agents, Nicole and Peter would receive phone calls from customers in the wee hours of the morning. As small business owners, every phone call from a customer is important, no matter what time it comes in. However, getting up at odd hours to answer customer questions is hard to maintain. The live agents were a perfect fit. The knowledge base system gave the agents all the information they needed to provide customers with answers to any queries.

“The chat people are real people and they can actually answer questions in real time in the California business hours and I don’t have to get up at 2 o’clock in the morning anymore.”

Nicole Lander, Battlefield Sports

For Nicole and Peter, it’s all about convenience and peace of mind. They never miss an important lead and they can now sleep through the night knowing their customers will have their questions answered instantly by the live chat agents.

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