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Global Ballooning Australia is a hot-air ballooning company that offers flights over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley.
Flying is in Kiff’s blood, his grandfather established Australia’s first private flying school back in the 1930s. Although he’s not running a flight school today, he's still offering customers an incredible flying experience. One that may only last for an hour but the memories will stay with them forever.

Kiff started Global Ballooning Australia over 25 years ago. In the beginning, it was just him, his best friend, and his dog. The company was still small and flying just two people per week.

While many may have thrown in the towel, Kiff decided to not give up and he's now Victoria's most experienced balloonist, having flown for over 25 years in over 10 countries around the world. Of course, Global Ballooning Australia has also grown and now has 30 staff members and 34 hot air balloons.
" gives the customer the ability to ask questions, we love to be able to make sure they're completely satisfied."
Kiff Saunders, Founder
Having Live Chat software is important to Kiff. Besides questions about flight times and routes, customers also have questions about their safety. Kiff and his team can chat with their customers and answer all of their questions and concerns, using’s live chat messaging software.

“I love It’s something that lifts our company above our competitors.”

Kiff Saunders, Founder

Once the customer is happy with the answers and decides to book a flight, Kiff and his team go out of their way to provide an unforgettable experience for them. There's something special about the people they meet along the way. They're all from different walks of life and before connecting in the sky, Kiff and his team connect with them first through live chat.

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