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Brand Dignity
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Brandignity is a digital marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized businesses create a digital footprint.
As a child of immigrant parents, the expectation was for Maciej to go to school and earn a steady income from his office job, not chase unpredictable entrepreneurial dreams. He followed this path for a while, until he decided to forge his own.

Maciej quit his job, Brandignity was born, and 8 years later, his company has helped many businesses build brands and market themselves. His success has meant more website visitors so efficient communication has become key to helping the company capitalize on growth.

And with a change in how people now prefer to communicate - picking up the phone to call or filling in an online form now feels like hard work. People just want to reach for their phones, send a message, and quickly get the answers they’re looking for.
Knowing that someone is there to communicate with our website visitors at any given moment, it creates a very warm lead. Having someone there 24/7 for the amount that you pay, you couldn’t hire someone for close to that cost.
Maciej Fita, CEO
As his business began to grow, Maciej and his team turned to to help them effectively communicate with their customers via messaging. This has allowed him and his team to worry about other aspects of the business, while knowing that their customers are getting the one-on-one communication that’s very important for the company to continue growing.

“ allows me to think about other things and manage other parts of the business.”


Relying on the $1/hr Hired Agent service has allowed Maciej to concentrate on other aspects of his business and free up some time to spend with his family. He still works hard, that’s part of being a business owner, but efficient customer communication is something he doesn’t have to worry about anymore.

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