Design and Printing
Sunshine Coast, Australia
Live Agents
Madcore creates custom sports jerseys and ships them to customers all over Australia and the U.S.
It all started as a side project between a few friends from Uni in a garage. From humble beginnings, Madcore was born - a company that allows customers to design and order custom sports jerseys online.

The best teams take pride in their attire and a great design inspires confidence and comradery. Through Madcore, teams are able to design every detail of the jerseys themselves, Including choosing the cut, color, size, and everything else in-between.

Offering live chat support for their customers has become an important part of how Madcore does business. Customers can sometimes get confused about the design and need a little help or clarity on how the end product will turn out.
“We added the agents so that we can give customers that feedback and assistance 24 hours a day.”
Peter George, Co-founder
Peter and his team know having someone available to help out is a must, that's why they use the Live Agents. Customers with questions get immediate answers on anything they may be unsure of during the design process. This can sometimes mean the difference between closing an order or losing a customer.

“We added to the site and it’s been great.”

Peter George, Co-founder

It takes a lot to create a successful business, paying attention to customer support and being available when your customers need you is one of the most important ingredients for success. By putting their customers needs first, the Madcore team has continued to grow and are now working out of two warehouses - one in Australia, and another in the U.S. Not bad for a side project that started in a garage.

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