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DingGo combines the power of the internet and the car repair industry to serve clients all over Australia.
Shaun wanted to do something creative and innovative so he partnered with an old friend, a software engineer who built the tech for DingGo. Then they found someone to help with marketing that really helped the business to grow.

Initially, Shaun’s father told him to stay in his corporate job so as to live a comfortable life without worrying about retirement or where money would come from, though he decided to made the leap from corporate to the startup world and hasn’t looked back.

For DingGo’s first 50 clients, his father became his biggest supporter and was there to help from the get go. They soon ran into other father and son businesses who saw how genuine they were and could empathize with their situation and ambitions.
“Without, we wouldn’t be able to get to this stage ever. Having a free product that allowed us to experiment with.. it was really really attractive.”
Shaun Janks, Co-founder & Chief Dingo
Shaun first discovered via a recommendation from a business colleague whom suggested they needed to add live chat to their website. Since doing so, Shaun and his tea, have learned so much about their business by using’s dashboard.

“In fact, even today, we have this policy where everybody in the team needs to spend time on because that way, they listen, they hear our customers, they hear firsthand what they have to say.”

Shaun Janks, Co-Founder & Chief Dingo

By doing so, all members of the DingGo team understand what their customer's problems are and as a result they can continue to better their product and service offering.

Following his dreams has made Shaun feel happier than ever. Looking back, he knows how far they’ve come and that a big part of his success comes from understanding what his customers truly need, while providing maximum care at the best possible cost.

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