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TM® Women offers Transcendental Meditation® courses for women’s health and enlightenment.
The organization seeks to enable women to create progress, abundance and peace for themselves, their families, communities and the world. TM® Women educational outreach includes: women’s seminars, conferences, teleconferences, in-school quiet time/meditation programs for students, women’s health forums, and meditation retreats.

At a time when empowerment of women and girls of all ages, cultures and traditions is rising in the world, the TM® technique nourishes and enlivens the most basic level of a woman’s life—the silent field of pure consciousness deep within her mind.

Working with, TM® Women connects with the women on their website whom have questions about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation®. provides a tool where we can instantly connect with women [..] it provides information of where women go on our website [..] so we can serve them in the best possible way.
Dr. Louise Allison, Director, TM for Women, Orange County CA
By offering a low-friction and seem-less way for women to navigate the website and simply connect via chat, it changes the conversation from one-way to two-way - it truly humanizes the visitor experience.

“Women, in our essential nature love to connect with others - so is providing us with a tool to instantly connect with women who wanted to learn more about Transcendental Meditation®"

Dr. Louise Allison

Investing in the value of a human connection, is paramount to the success of so many companies like TM® Women; in a world where we are more connected via devices than ever before, what seems to have been lost is actual human connection - which as a result is now a way to differentiate and grow your community or business.

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