Electric Scooters and Bikes
Sydney, Australia
Hired Agents
Mearth provides electric scooters for easier transportation around Australian cities.
Fed up with relying on public transport in the city, Ming decided to create a simple alternative that anyone could use. He first considered creating electric motorbikes, however, since you need a license to ride a motorbike, that would limit the number of people who can buy and use it.

That’s when he realized the best option would be electric scooters and bikes. Ming, together with his mechanical engineer friend set out to create a more elegant solution and Mearth was born.

As the business grew, and more customers were contacting Mearth, it became increasingly important for Ming to find live chat software that was affordable, since funds and resources are usually very limited for startups.
“As a startup, people are scarce. You can’t hire 10 people, sitting around to answer customers. That’s how came in.”
Ming Ye, Mearth
Customer service is important for every business. When potential clients want to reach you and enquire about your product, they need to do so at their convenience. That's why Ming uses the Hired Agents. His customers have access to online customer service 24/7, so they get the attention they deserve from the live chat agents right then and there when they need it most.

“They provide good customer service. As long as we educate them properly, they can handle customer service well.”

Ming Ye, Mearth

The live chat agents can handle any customer question that comes their way, including information on products, services, prices, and all other FAQs. With the chat covered and his customers in good hands, Ming can concentrate on developing new products for Mearth. Knowing that his customers are taken care of gives him the time to dream big about the future of Mearth.

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