Designer Furniture
Miami, USA
Hired Agents
Casabianca creates furniture for the everyday modern home.
When Isaac and his family moved to Miami, they didn’t have much. Their house, cars, friends and family were all left back in Venezuela. They had once owned several stores, but after the government took one away, his parents decided to leave the country and seek a better life for their family.

Upon arrival in Miami, they knew they would have to work hard to rebuild. Casabianca started as a small furniture store but it soon grew as Isaac and his team started designing the furniture pieces themselves and selling them to wholesalers.

As the company grew, they naturally started to receive a lot of inbound inquiry. They knew they had to figure out how to attend to all these new customers and this is when they found the Hired Agent service.
It has been a way to communicate with our end user in an easier way. They don’t have to call, they don’t have to wait on the phone until somebody is available. They just ask.
Isaac Hadida, CEO
Isaac and his team at Casabianca use to respond to customer questions during the week, as they recognize customers need quick and efficient answers, or they’ll simply go to another competitor.

“We have a script of most common questions people will ask and they already know what they need to answer. That helps our customers to get answers while we’re off work.”

Isaac Hadida, Casabianca

On the weekends, when the Casabianca team is off, the hired agents take over – attending to the questions that customers need answers to. At just $1/hr, the hired agents ensure that they help Casabianca continue to capture every opportunity.

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