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Lash & Brow Professional is an online store that supplies eyelash and eyebrow products to lash and brow artists.
Running a beauty company wasn’t an obvious career path for Renee. She grew up as a self-proclaimed tomboy who loved riding horses and playing touch football. Initially, Renee studied law but after attending an eyelash extension course her career path took an unexpected turn.

She was immediately interested in the industry and after doing her research on the products and techniques, she decided to take a leap of faith. Renee took a chance and started her own company, Lash & Brow Professional.

Besides selling the products, Renee and her team regularly give valuable advice and tips to clients on the different products and techniques they can use. This focus on customer experience has helped them grow and has become a very important aspect of their business.
“ enables us to talk to our clients even if they may be out of Australia and they don’t have the opportunity to pick up the phone.”
Renee Gurney, Founder
It can be challenging to explain different products over the phone, some products have very slight differences that need to be explained in great detail. Using the live chat software, Renee and her team can easily send a link about specific products to clients. This convenience allows their customers to get relevant product information so they’re able to make the right purchases with confidence and avoid confusion.

“ has been so good for our business.”

Renee Gurney, Founder

Convenience can make all the difference to a potential customer, we’re well into the digital age and people are both constantly on their phones and on the move. By using, Renee and her team can support their customers, no matter where they are. As the Lash & Brow Professional team continues to grow they'll always be able to stay connected to their customers.

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