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LogoClothz specializes in creating custom printed table cloths.
After two business ventures didn’t work out, Ryan was looking for something that would stick. He locked himself away for two years and taught himself search engine optimization, graphic design, website building and how to use various e-commerce platforms.

Ryan wanted a business that could combine his love for helping others and his knowledge of the promotions industry in one. That’s when he met up with his friend, Paul, and they decided to form LogoClothz.

LogoClothz creates custom printed table cloths for small, medium-sized, and large companies. Because their products are custom made, customers often have a lot of questions for them. Ryan searched for a service that would make it easy for them to have that constant connection. 
“Live Chat is an essential, integral part of any e-commerce business these days.”
Ryan Cunningham, Co-founder
Live chat is important for any business that deals with a lot of customers. When they have questions or queries, they need answers immediately. After searching for a suitable live chat software, Paul came across online. He especially liked that the live chat messaging software is free to use as doesn’t believe that you should pay to speak to your customers.

“Constant connection with our business and constant customer satisfaction.”

Ryan Cunningham, Co-founder

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. Besides providing your customers with the service or products they want, they need to know that their concerns are heard. As someone who’s had failed business ventures, Ryan understands the importance of customer satisfaction.

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