How we store your data |

Chats and Tickets are encrypted over 128 bit SSL and stay on our servers indefinitely until deletion.

Note :

  • In some regions we have an obligation to keep records for a certain period, even after deletion.
  • In case an account is compromised, and sensitive data is deleted we keep backups for a short period (90 days).

In future releases we will be offering region specific record retention settings, where you will have the ability to “Delete All” and there will be no way of retrieving that data.

As it stands, the data is on our servers until it is deleted, then regularly purged if an account is disabled, or after a mandatory retention period in specific regions.

The data is owned by the Admin of the Site or Page,  and we have no reason to look at or retrieve that data at all.

We do not view or index any of your chat history for advertising or any other purpose. It’s sole reason for storage is so the product can function as designed.