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Simplifying technology for entrepreneurs: Shawnna Leonard, Founder and Business Architect, SimplicityKEY

Entrepreneurship is hard, and the more that we can do to help each other, the better. So really, anytime you find a significant solution that’s going to add value and help that client grow their business, it just all comes around tenfold.

 — Shawnna Leonard, Founder and Business Architect, SimplicityKEY Business Solutions

With so many options available for managing your business online, how do you know which are right for you? Shawnna Leonard, Founder and Business Architect at SimplicityKEY Business Solutions, simplifies online technology and guides entrepreneurs to the solutions they need to build businesses designed for growth. We spoke to Shawnna to learn more about her strategies for client success and how she’s using tawk.to and other digital tools.

1 – First of all, can you tell us about your business?

SimplicityKEY started a couple of years ago, and it was with the dream to change the failure rate of business. I had served a lot of business entrepreneurs for the last three decades with big media and a lot of people know that about 50% of businesses fail within the first five years. 

However, with the vast amount of options available now, that’s created another problem. It becomes overwhelming for entrepreneurs to keep up with all the changes in marketing, the changes in SaaS solutions, how to transform their business properly, and how to not deteriorate that customer satisfaction and user experience. It’s essential to find relevant and affordable solutions to serve the customers and the journey. 

That’s where we come in. We take that deep dive into your audience, your brand, your business, your marketing, and your digital transformation strategy, and we help you develop that. So with the brand, the website, social channels and software solutions, we help make that architecture workable for you so that you get off to a great start and then continue with the transformation in a way that’s going to serve your business well.

2 – How do you use tawk.to at SimplicityKEY?

tawk.to is now the official chat widget for my company and my clients. As a web developer, it is very important that all digital assets be on brand. Being a partner allows me to share in the profits while providing a quality white-label solution for myself and my clients.

Having the option for virtual assistants I think is [also] super important. As a new business myself, you feel those growing pains where you don’t need that person full time, but you could sure use the help. [As businesses,] we’re great at serving our clients, but sometimes that running of the business in the background gets a little behind, right? So if you can find virtual assistants at work at a price point that you can afford and especially having a few hours here or there, not having to bring on full time, I think that’s a huge advantage.

And we’re able to work with a chat solution that, not only can we use it in the very beginning stage of our company, but, down the line, we can create that knowledge base as well in that chat. So it’s an ongoing solution. And that’s what I look for too. It’s not just for what I need today, but what I need in five years.

3 – Why did you choose to partner with tawk.to? 

tawk.to really stood out to me as something that could be branded, and white labeling is very important. When I think of brand, I really take a look at how we make sure brand is consistent everywhere. And so with tawk.to’s ability to do that, that really helps. 

I think a freemium-type product works well in many areas, and it’s because you get that chance to try it — to integrate it.  And when you do that, you’ve connected with your client.  I do kind of the same thing. I have a business success app where you can manage all your hosting, social media reviews, management tools, education and marketing all in one place. 

And why do we do that? Because we want to connect with our clients. And we want to be there for help and support. Right? tawk.to really stood out to me as having that sort of same value system and thinking the same way. 

4 – How do you promote tawk.to?

I [offer] a website that comes with a chat widget, and I build [tawk.to] into that offering for my clients and make it available in my business success app. It will be announced there and people will be able to see it and connect their own assets to it if they’d like. In addition to that, it’s part of my marketing strategy to start now promoting my partners. 

5 – What benefits are you seeing as a result of sharing tawk.to?

The more you can share and the more knowledge you have,[the more] it builds you up as that leader in the industry. Right? So any time you can find great partners you can introduce, it shows you’re looking and you’re trying to find those solutions for your clients. And when you can bring something in that doesn’t even cost extra, that’s a beautiful thing. Right? 

And when you can show them that, not only can it do it today, it can do it as you grow, that’s another level. So that’s a benefit to me as a business owner because now I’m providing extra services that are valuable.

6 – What advice can you share with new partners at tawk.to?

Entrepreneurship is hard, and the more that we can do to help each other, the better. So really, anytime you find a significant solution that’s going to add value and help that client grow their business, it just all comes around tenfold. Right? So just share knowledge and introduce excellent services.

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