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Mr. Cabinets is a family-owned business that specializes in creating custom kitchen & cabinetry.
When he was 24 years old, Derek made one of the most important decisions of his life - he joined the family business of cabinet making - and not because he had suddenly fallen in love with it. He just wanted to help his father, who was going through a tough business period.

After he joined the company in 2009, he immediately realized that they needed to change how they operated. When Mr. Cabinets was started in 1979, the process of creating cabinets was all manual — the designs, measurements, cutting etc… but all that wasn’t necessary anymore. Derek introduced automation and technology to increase efficiencies.

Derek then went beyond just how they create their cabinets - he realized that the way they speak to their customers also had to change.
“ has been a fantastic tool for us [..] it has had a direct increase in sales, and helped even from a project management perspective”
Derek De Betta, Managing Director
Mr. Cabinets uses’s live messaging software so that customers can ask questions about their custom designs, the materials they use, how long the project will take, etc. all through messaging. Instead of picking up the phone and waiting in line to speak to someone, all they do is send a message to the Mr. Cabinets team and they answer their questions.

“We’re there all the time, 24/7, because of”

Derek De Betta, Managing Director

Investing in technology and automation was just one part of the puzzle, though Mr Cabinet’s recognized that differentiated and quality customer service means being available to your customers when they have questions. It’s the little changes like this, that have made a difference at Mr. Cabinets and will continue to, for generations to come.

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