Rossiter Stretching LLC

Pain Management, Movement & Bodywork
The Rossiter Stretching is a unique, effective, safe two-person stretching modality that not only quickly alleviates pain but can prevent its occurrence! Rossiter Stretching techniques (RST) increases mobility, reducing incidents of injury and pain from repetitive movements. RST gives you control of your pain, teaches you how to work it out of your body, and help you keep it out for good. How? They stretch out the connective tissue that is causing you to hurt right now.

RST evolved over years of working with people in severe pain, and now they’re being used worldwide by thousands of people with great success. These stretches are a series of powerful and effective techniques. They are practical, simple, and easy to learn. With every session you will experience noticeable ease of movement.

Any one can learn RST and help yourself, friends & family reach your fitness and health goals. Our Live and Online courses offer over 250 powerful techniques in an interactive setting, offering you an entirely new way of providing pain relief.

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