Marketingový parťák s.r.o.

We are a marketing agency who does all possible for our clients. Our three lines are:
1. On-line (WhatsApp + Marketing HelpDesk in ON and OFF-line marketing cases.
2. Marketing service for one time or long time projects. It could be an external marketing department too.
3. Own on-line projects:
3.A. Web development under own brand WEB4: clever and cheap websites under open-source system Joomla end its extensions. Fo example: = website for restaurants included eshop and much more. In the same vision will be next projects: …4services, …4school, …4hotel, etc.
3.B. Web service under the same brand WEB4, especially under web4mobil url: Short focused service to fix websites only for mobile view. / it will start on 7-8/2021 3.C. To build own e-shops based on a web-to-print/produce technology. First will start on 7-8/2021
I want to pin a to points 1. and 2. in those steps:
A) to hire own czech/slovak language speaking agents for all of clients – it will well increase my marketing HelpDesk service
B) to give an support for a Czech and Slovak trade

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Czech Republic

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