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About KinerkTube and TAWK partnership:

Introducing KinerkTube and TAWK partnership.

We activated the tawk widget compatibility on KinerkTube for our members to add to their Artist and Business pages. Yes, you read that right, you’ll then be able to add your own tawk widgets to run a sales and support chat on your KinerkTube Artist/Business pages and events. This is perfect for those selling merch on their pages or anyone who wants to drive stronger conversion with your visitors for whatever your objective is. TAWK provides you a support ticket system and CRM, as well as virtual assistance, add-ons, white-label, SMS, and more.

We love TAWK as they provide most of the bells and whistles for free and forever; KinerkTube also believes in not holding back on our free forever plans for Artist/Business or Fans. For example, others charge to add tracking pixel or merch but not KinerkTube, and as for tawk, other chat SaaS in their market charge for adding features like more user roles, triggers, shortcuts, etc. It’s clear where our passion is in helping businesses succeed, both tawk and KinerkTube. Furthermore, tawk upgrades are unique and made as tools to manage your business and not to take away the main features you need to run a support chat. Plus, you’ll think it’s awesome to see the analytics tawk provides on your website traffic. We invite our members to leverage tawk on their Artist/Business pages and music events to capture all visitors and consumers.

KinerkTube enables you to leverage all your 3rd party music and business content to see the activity and statistics. KinerkTube makes it compatible to utilize all your 3rd party embedded content and business tools with our niche platform. We strive to help empower music entrepreneurs to run their music businesses more efficiently and with comprehensive insights including valuable business automation setups and active flow processes.

Learn about KinerkTube.com and how you can leverage your music business goals by adding all your 3rd party content…
i.e. music, podcasts, videos, beats, merch, smartlink campaigns, playlists, events, booking, opportunities, links, donation button, pay links, calendar booking forms, website, etc.

You can add content on your PAGES & EVENTS while tracking and retargeting your audience hence KinerkTube Analytics, plus GTM and Facebook Pixel integration, and for the purpose of finding your engaged audiences. For example, if your KinerkTube page shows your Spotify is the most clicked area then you can send those people ads (who visited) by retargeting those visitors on Facebook or Instagram (with Ad Manager utilizing Facebook Pixel) and send them to your Spotify dedicated landing page since your KinerkTube page provides a sharable landing page for every 3rd party content (embed) that you add, unlike Smartlink Campaigns that just track the buttons or links. KinerkTube allows each individual content to have its own page to focus attention on and gain activity of likes, comments, shares, and plays. Get niche insight via Analytics by KinerkTube.

Start by creating your free member account and then create your free page and get all your content added right away like links, embeds, images, details, buttons, contact & booking forms, etc. You can upgrade for more exposure, features, and higher access limit anytime you’re ready to get extra out of KinerkTube such as more page and event creation limits, prominent featured placement and exposure, opportunity highway marketplace posting, more customization, control, and so much more. Contact us for support. If you are a Music Artist or Business then you belong on the map and officially in the niche music directory of KinerkTube.com

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