Agency, Consultant
Synergistically provide cost-effective digital & influencer marketing at higher standards for better influencers, brands, & charities.
To unify brands, influencers, & charities via social media & digital marketing in a two-way system that flows through Eyefuel PR, Eyefuel Influencers, Eyefluencer & future Eyefuel related spin-offs.

The Social Media Marketing world as a whole is very difficult to navigate for most people and brands. If it isn’t confusing, it’s just downright marred and sketchy. Eyefuel PR exists to put an end to this utter insanity via real Growth Hacking, Digital Content, and Social Media Strategy designed to Fuel your brand’s growth.

We provide customized targeting & growth tactics to each brand combined with continually tested growth hacking methods to leverage the algorithm of Instagram, and/or other Social Platforms.

We enable brands to focus on growing their business while not ignoring the all-important world of Social Media & Digital marketing.

We help them capitalize on the billions of Social Media users while wading through the crowd to find the right audience for them.

We grow their online presence while they grow their bottom line.

When you choose to work with a tawk.to partner, you know you're dealing with an organization that is committed to customer satisfaction.


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