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DataAutomation is an integration and automation company focused on helping you eliminate manual processes and integrate your systems. We specialize in all things automation including Zapier, API’s, web-hooks, and everything else! Let us help you take your business processes to the next level so you can focus on growing your business while we focus on automating it.
  • Systems Design - Our team of experts can map out your processes so that you know when data should flow to the left or the right. Think of this as your opportunity to talk to the master architect so you get the most out of your integrated processes. Systems Design is $350/hour.
  • Maintenance - $100 per month is the average charge to maintain a workflow. Automation Consulting - We use Zapier and other iPaaS systems like Zapier to move your data from point A to point B. Our team of no-code integration platform experts take your integration plan and execute on it. We help you get the data moving so your business can thrive. Price $600 for 3 hours.
  • Extension Building - DataAutomation's team of experts understand what it means when data can't be accessed normally. We specialize in building out extensions to help you get at the data you need without ever sharing your passwords. This includes adding custom fields to systems where normally that wouldn't be possible.
  • Zapier Integrations - DataAutomation is the only company in the world who is not only a Zapier Certified Expert on the front end of Zapier but we are also an approved Zapier App Developer. This means we understand the backend and frontend of the leading automation platform. We help SaaS companies and general Zapier users build private as well as public integrations on Zapier's ever-growing ecosystem.
  • English, Portuguese
  • +7067059061

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